Sinhgad College of Arts & Commerce, Narhe

About Us





1. Introduction


The college was established in year 2003 by Sinhgad  Technical Education Society Vadgaon(Budruk) Pune- 411041.The college was approved by the Government of Maharashtra (vide letter No. NGC / 2003 /NMV (9/03) M S-3 Dated: 15th July 2003) and affiliated with the University of Pune w.e.f 15th July 2003 by allotting ID No. : PU/PN/AC/190/2003




2. Vision


“To enable students to acquire strong academic knowledge with assertive viewpoint, communication skills and all-round personality having a seed of Core-Values to face the global requirements successfully.”




3. Mission


“To provide quality education in disciplines of humanities, commerce, administration and information and communication technology from undergraduate to masters level with the blend of creativity, professionalism, research and innovation”


4. Objectives


  • To create areas of excellence within humanities, commerce, administration and information and communication technology, while identifying and promoting new trends and sustainable development.

  • To enable students to be ‘Professional par Excellence’ by providing strong base of content knowledge, literary, administrative and computing skills along with integrity and accountability.

  • To enrich the faculty through guest lectures, seminars, workshops etc.

  • To nurture social and emotional well being of students.

  • To enable students to integrate theory and practice through ‘Experiential learning’.

  • To enable students to think critically to lead towards ‘Independent Thought and Action’.



5. Approach of SCOAC Narhe


We envisage Sinhgad College of Arts & Commerce is an Institute where:


  • Strong academic programs address the needs of all students

  • Students embrace learning and celebrate their achievements.

  • Technology is utilized to enhance instruction, promote communication, and encourage students to be independent learners

  • The social and emotional well being of students is developed through strong support programs.

  • Trust and cooperation exist throughout the STES community

  • The environment is safe and inviting

  • We are committed to provide the best possible education

  • An integration of theory and practice that enables the student to earn the required credentials through experiential learning, such as field study, projects and traineeships.

  • The development of communication and critical thinking skills help to support effective and independent thought and action. The curriculum is designed in such a way so as to prepare student to find meaningful work, improve professional opportunities, and lead more purposeful lives.